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“Evans Ngongo has changed my world. The program he teaches has brought me current with the world and its technology. He is patient with our repeated questions and explains the “every day use” of the things that we are learning. He also gives us learning sites that we can use to further our education when class is over. This class is free and has the latest machines and programs for us to use. I hope it is always available.”
– Judy Antifaev

Here are some comments from clients who have experienced counselling at the Stan Hagen Centre for Families.

“The counselling was exactly what I needed. It has put me in the right direction. I now seem to be able to use the skills I learned in a positive way.”

“My counsellor was compassionate and caring and has a wonderful sense of humor. I value the help I received.”

“My counsellor has helped me change my life for the better; tenfold. I was taught life skills and goal setting. I felt totally accepted and thus was able to accept myself as I am.”

“I am grateful for the wisdom and guidance provided by my counsellor through the Salvation Army. I definitely healed faster and more thoroughly because of this assistance.”